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create vision

Training With Matt White

“People perish for lack of vision. So many people are living so far below their potential. When I see people suffering unnecessarily, thinking that they are trapped by their circumstances, I want them to know that the truth is quite the contrary. We have great power to make an impact in our health with our lifestyle choices and the people we surround ourselves with. We are not tied to our past. What we do today is what matters most. I wish to inspire, and to be inspired, by people overcoming and becoming what they never thought possible. I am passionate about locking arms with people in this journey to their best life yet.”  – Matt White

Let’s GO

inspire movement

Live Your Best Life

small group personal training

Groups of 2-4 participants following individualized training programs available in one, two or three sessions per week based on availablity.

fitness assessment

One on one meeting with certified personal trainer for body composition analysis, functional movement system screening, movement assessment, and a recommended action plan.

one-on-one sessions


Visionary Training Systems will soon be offering one-on-one personal training sessions and sport specific athletic programs.

why visionary?



We are not just a gym, we are a community.


We pursue lifestyle habits that make us better.


We empower people for a better tomorrow.

be the best you

achieve Excellence


Visionary Training Systems is not a typical gym where people go to exercise.  Our training philosophies are backed by evidence based research, which shows that by moving with proper alignment and proficiency we can experience more of life than we ever dreamed possible. We view working out as a pathway to building stronger relationships, the start of new adventures, the trajectory to new fitness and sports goals, and the possibilities of more in life.

The team at Visionary Training Systems wants to wake up the dreamer in you to discover what life could really be made of!  Would you like to join us in this journey?

Create vision

We create vision by showing you where you could be.

inspire movement

We inspire movement by showing you how and by encouraging you to reach your goals.

Live your best life

By achieving your vision, one goal at a time, you live your BEST life!

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

As a parent and a coach, I can not underestimate the value of Matt White. He’s been training my girls for two years now. Matt’s fundamental training is the main reason for their growth in volleyball and basketball. Visionary Training Systems is one of the best investments that any parent can make into their kids that will yield long term health results.

Chad Leister

I am proud to be a client of Matt White. Training with Matt has changed the way I move, and has taught me to be mindful of what and how I do something, which helps to prevent injury. Because of training with Matt, just about all daily activities like walking, standing, lifting, bending, etc. has improved or changed, increasing stability, balance, endurance, and no pain! Matt is not only knowledgeable, patient, supportive, and flexible, but also he inspires you to want to improve your health through movement. 


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Matt White

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